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...is the laser session safe?
The laser method is completely safe, the FDA has classified low level lasers as "non-significant risk medical device”
They pose no health risk to the client provided that protective eyewear is worn.

1. How many sessions do you need?
A percentage of people that come to us, are good with just the one session. Other people need multiple sessions, before they are feeling that same level of comfort. The goal is to get back into the office for a follow up session, without having introduced nicotine back into the system.

2. How long does the session last and when do you start feeling it?
The session takes about 20 minutes and some clients feel the effects of the laser immediately.
Though you should expect to be at the office for about 45 minutes.

3. How do you feel after the session?
The session is very relaxing and some people experience a degree of drowsiness.

4. Does Insurance cover this?
We do not take insurance. If you participate in a Flex pay account, check on your benefits. Sometimes they will reimburse you.

5. Where does the laser go?
We touch tender points around the ears, nose, hands, wrists and forearms.

6. Who performs the session?
A Laser Technician

7. What form of payment is accepted?
All major charge cards, debit cards or cash. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

8. How far in advance do I have to schedule an appointment?
It depends on the location, please call or email us for scheduling information.

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